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Beef Up Your Brain Indoors.

Being snowed in can produce several things: 1) jelly around your mid-section 2) babies 3) pent-up boredom/mood swings and 4) an unhealthy love of all things on the QVC channel.   If you’re looking to break the cycle of cabin fever, dust off your Chicago library card or get onto Netflix and check out a … Continue reading

Replicating Restaurant Dishes at Home

By ALEX WITCHEL Published: January 27, 2010 I’M not a regular consumer of fast food, but I’ve always liked the idea behind the “Eat This, Not That” series by the editor of Men’s Health, David Zinczenko. These books give menu guidance to the angels and devils perched on the shoulders of the millions of Americans … Continue reading

Could designer doughnuts edge out cutesy cupcakes?

CARYN ROUSSEAU Published: Jan 13, 2010 CHICAGO (AP) – Pomegranate thyme and bing cherry balsamic may sound like salad dressings, and lemon chamomile creme custard may evoke thoughts of fancy teas, but they’re actually cutting edge flavors in the latest fad to hit the baking scene – doughnuts. So much for glazed and jelly. Fresh … Continue reading

Look! I Can Cook.

I have a passion. Or rather an obsession. It’s shopping and cooking. I have no idea when all of this began but it certainly provides a lot of comfort to this single woman. Perhaps it’s my way of nurturing the nurturer in me. Or this necessity allows me to get my fix of spending lots … Continue reading

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