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Is the Loop a food desert? Target aiming at Carson’s site

BY KARA SPAK AND MARY WISNIEWSKI Staff Reporters Posted:  01/18/2010 4:00 AMTarget Corp. may be focusing its trademark bull’s-eye on a distinctive piece of Chicago property — the former Carson Pirie Scott & Co. building on State Street.The popular discount chain is in lease discussions with Joseph Freed & Associates LLC, the firm that owns … Continue reading

Wal-Mart, unions form rock, hard place for Daley. ANALYSIS | Daley caught in big squeeze

The City Council’s failure to resolve the stalemate that has prevented Wal-Mart from building as many as five Chicago Supercenters has put Mayor Daley in a political box he has desperately tried to avoid. He can either grant administrative approval for a Chatham Wal-Mart and risk alienating union leaders who opposed his 2007 re-election and … Continue reading

Unions vs Food Deserts in Chicago

Daley stresses Wal-Mart’s importance in Chatham neighborhood BY MARY WISNIEWKSI Staff Reporter Daley stresses Wal-Mart’s importance in Chatham neighborhood Sat, 16 Jan 2010 04:00 BY MARY WISNIEWKSI Staff Reporter Mayor Richard M. Daley Saturday again stressed the importance of a Wal-Mart in the Chatham neighborhood, but would not say he would grant administrative approval for … Continue reading

In the News 1/4/2010: “Grossery” stores– Kyra Kyles @ The Red Eye takes them on

Grocery or “Grossery”: Chicago Food Shopping Stumbles I gave my own Jewel plenty of chances, but got sick of: offenses including: (1) Withered produce (2) Rude workers (Once, I asked a gentleman where something was and he pointed up in the sky.  And no, this isn’t one of those two-story Jewels. (3) Long lines (They … Continue reading

In the News 1/4/2010

In The News 1/4/2010 Top 5 iPhone Food Apps “Considering how most of us enjoy a good meal, it should come as no surprise that many of the most popular iPhone applications have to do with food.” Out of the five apps they have listed, only one looks worthy and I already have one~~ Epicurious. … Continue reading

Look! I Can Cook.

I have a passion. Or rather an obsession. It’s shopping and cooking. I have no idea when all of this began but it certainly provides a lot of comfort to this single woman. Perhaps it’s my way of nurturing the nurturer in me. Or this necessity allows me to get my fix of spending lots … Continue reading

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