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Singing the praises of food stamps

I’m not interested in getting into the politics of food, especially with the elections warming up. But this little ditty just screams GOP/ Teabagger opportunity to slam anyone who argues against their platform.  Watching this gave me flashes of Regan and his “Welfare Queen” campaign. While Regan’s GOP  had to engineer sh*t to cause and create fear among voters, now anyone who’s looking to create a season of fear among votes has being handed to them on a silver platter. (I just thank God that this guy ain’t from Chicago.)

“Welfare Musik” by Yung Money/Cash Funny (productions?) raps an ode to using food stamps. Honestly, the guy has a good flow. But (you know they say the truth comes after the but) is Mr. Yung Money/Cash Funny raps about living high off the hog while in poverty.

Yea, it’s the first of August/ We hungry let’s go shoppin/ Welfare card in my pocket/ Bread’s on sale, I need to go carpet (?)/ Homie, my basket is on swoll/ Honey buns, sweet buns, ground beef for those tacos/ We buy it all with no dough/ Ain’t no doubt about it/ We some shopaholic.

Nice to see someone appreciates my tax dollars. /serious sarcasm here.


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