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News: Groupon Gets into Groceries

Today, two local coupon websites have announced, along with Groupon, are getting into business of groceries. The plan is to add grocery coupons  to daily deals. So as you surf for $49 teeth-whitening deals, you can stop on the way home and pickup, perhaps, $20 in coffee for $10. I have no clue as to what direction Groupon is going in. I like the fundamental idea of getting so many people to sign up for a product at a local place to get a discount. Seemed to me that this would benefit many of the mom and pop stores throughout Chicago and elsewhere. But as usual the American idea of bigger and better (read: corporate influence) infiltrated the little engine that could and now group coupons are everywhere. The only thing I haven’t seen is a group coupon for stripper services. But I know that’s coming soon.

Groupon joined up with UPERVALU INC. and Unilever, whose products are carried at Jewel/Osco. The example coupon is $15 worth of ice cream for $9. With food prices soaring, I don’t see the benefit in this for my budget. Or anyone’s budget. Unless I’m combining this with several other coupons and have a party coming up, I don’t need three or more cartons of ice cream in my fridge. Now, what would work is, if coupon companies started offering coupons that don’t require me to buy TWO of something to get XYZ off. I’m certain there’s a group of people who’d support that.


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