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Moo & Oink to hit the chopping block

UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune is reporting that  potential buyers may step up  8/29/2011. Growing up in the 80s, I knew it was summertime on the South side of Chicago when a couple of things happened: a certain blue ice cream truck started appearing in my neighborhood, watching car clubs on their way to the Dan Ryan Forest Preserve, … Continue reading

Rahmbo brags on what he’s done.

Truth be told, Rahm Emanuel outlining his first 100 days on a big poster board missed a few things. Like gold stars, that said it’s ‘effin golden! Today, WBEZ’s Natalie Moore reports on food deserts and interviewed Emmanuel about this “complex, un-sexy policy problem.” Click here to listen. 

News: Groupon Gets into Groceries

Today, two local coupon websites have announced, along with Groupon, are getting into business of groceries. The plan is to add grocery coupons  to daily deals. So as you surf for $49 teeth-whitening deals, you can stop on the way home and pickup, perhaps, $20 in coffee for $10. I have no clue as to what direction Groupon is … Continue reading

#7: Viet Hoa

Viet Hoa ain’t much different from the neighborhood competitors on the surface. You got your canned Asian goods, rice noodles (over 40 different Ramen noodles), and dedicated area to supplies for the home altars many Asians have in their homes. But I got a bit of surprise when I rounded the corner. Viet Hoa separates its self … Continue reading

#6: Hoa Nam Grocery

I don’t love you anymore  It’s just that simple No, no, no, not like before Such a shame, dirty shame — I Don’t Love You Anymore // Teddy Pendergrass This is my breakup song with wheat and everything it’s in. I’m singing it on the street as I pass by Jimmy John’s when I’m starvin’. … Continue reading

News: Now Cooking for Two

Out of the frying pan into divorce court goes famous UK chef Heston Blumenthal. HuffPo is reporting (or is that linking to reports) Blumenthal left his wife of 22 years for a Nigella Lawson knockoff notably known for her single’s only cookbook, The Pleasure is All Mine. Currently ranking at #103,906  on Amazon, Suzanne Pirret is being referred to … Continue reading

#5: Old World Market

Easy like a Sunday morning (and afternoon thru evening) was the weather in Chicago. It was too hard to stay indoors and use the excuse that I’m “making good choices for my dollars” (read:broke). So I hit the streets to hit up some grocery stores. Recently, I’ve discovered or got an inkling that I may … Continue reading

#4:Trader Joe’s- Clybourn Galleria-Lincoln Park

Gas. Having it or getting it is two things that I don’t want to be reminded of when I enter a grocery store. While I’ve lamented about having to walk the fat gauntlet, Trader Joe’s in Lincoln Park wants me to be reminded of, I guess my lactose intolerance?!?!? Upon entering from the 2nd floor parking … Continue reading

Good Cookbooks Are Like Good Porn

“It is a matter of physics, a scientific fact that the human body reacts in very similar ways when anticipating food and sex. Capillaries swell, lips and membranes become engorged, saliva thickens and the pulse rises. It’s no accident that the two pleasures have become… confused.”— Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations, Food Porn special Two weekends ago, I … Continue reading

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