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Start a restaurant revolt at home.

I didn’t stop eating out this year because I wanted to lose weight (but that is a motivator). But because I wanted to save money and most importantly–my taste buds. What’s passing for food these days at local restaurants is ridiculous, especially when you factor in the prices and tip. Service is spotty and drinks are as much as the liquor on sale at my local CVS. Seems like someone else agrees with me.

The Palm Beach Post today gives tips on how to cook restaurant food at home cutting calories and costs.

The cost of restaurant versions of various dishes is compared with home-cooked versions. Instead of paying $9.89 for Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad, 1,430 calories, they offer a recipe for making your own that comes out to 380 calories and costs $3.30 per serving.

You can’t get much more basic than “save money by cooking more at home.” Like the other books, Cook This, Not That is packed with colorful charts, photos and graphics — and at 6 inches by 6 inches, it is designed to be easy to take along.

I’ve never been much of an Applebee’s fan. In fact, I can’t even recall if I’ve ever been one. But I’m keeping this idea on my future radar as I review grocery stores, to include “restaurant” themed recipes with reviews.


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