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Look! I Can Cook.

My First Cookbook

I have a passion. Or rather an obsession. It’s shopping and cooking. I have no idea when all of this began but it certainly provides a lot of comfort to this single woman. Perhaps it’s my way of nurturing the nurturer in me. Or this necessity allows me to get my fix of spending lots of money without feeling guilty. You know, if you’re the creative type, how much fun it is to walk down a large aisle in a grocery store and allow your imagination to run free as you think about what of culinary feats you could create in the kitchen! To imagine yourself on the level of Julia Child or even being Bree Hodge for an hour. There’s nothing like taking simple supplies like sugar, flour and butter and creating that crème brulee or brownies that bring such comfort to your soul.

When the spell hits me, I shop. I surf. I buy. I hit the local stores in search of exotic products to cure my emptiness, the creative itch or to indulge the urge to physically escape to some exotic place. I shop for second-hand kitchen supplies to make me feel abundant. I buy or rather go over my food budget for the month, occasionally, because I have dreams of cooking for a family when it’s just me and my dog. But the soothing feeling I get from kneading my hands in ground pork and beef for a good meatloaf to listening to the roar of my ice cream maker whipping up a new frozen yogurt concoction is bliss. And what is life for other than to follow your bliss. If not, a few moments that restore your sanity.

I’ve started blogs before. Mindless chatter about daily insights or on bento boxes. But they fell wayside like a cake after slamming the oven door. However, I sense this blog could work. See, I have this idea to explore grocery stores and all related food/cooking stuff in all 77 neighborhoods in Chicago. I’ll probably dedicate a month or so to each area. I’m not interested in blogging about cool restaurants or dine-ins or places to eat in Chicago. Meh! (But never say never because one does need a break from the kitchen.) No, I want find the places that have garlic peanuts that I loved to eat in Taiwan or butchered female pork meat that Rick Bayless raves about. Or cheese so rich that when it’s baked in the Macaroni and Cheese dish by Delilah Winder, I’ll wanna slap myself.

And in the process, perhaps my quiet moments will be as romantic as Nancy Wilson sings in the background~~~~

Then I’d raid the icebox where the food is kept
I’d fix the breakfast that would please him most
Eggs and coffee some apricot juice and some buttered toast
Oh oh then I’d go out and buy the papers
And when they’ve been read spend the balance of the day in bed

—You Can Have Him (I Don’t Want Him)


About Author

A visual journalist living in Chicago.


One thought on “Look! I Can Cook.

  1. Wonderful! It’s a great start to a new year and new decade 🙂

    Love the Erma Bombeck quote – she’s right of course!

    All the best,

    Posted by Lui Sieh | January 1, 2010, 6:42 am

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